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LetKolben is translated from German as “soldering iron”. This word was not chosen accidentally and later has become a quality brand of the domestic minimal techno stage. At the beginning of 2006 LetKolben got completely absorbed into the revolution that captured almost all the music world and he didn’t want to stand aside. Having huge music baggage he set a goal to show everyone how deep and diverse techno can be. Active promotion of his musical ideas and thoughts attracted a lot of like-minded people and funs but LetKolben continued to conquer peaks without stopping. Several months later he released a CD with his first compilation under the name “minimal penetration”, which was his joint project with the famous teenage clothing brand. The compilation was predetermined to be a success even before it saw the light. The year 2006 was dedicated to self-education and further spread of his revolutionary ideas among greater number of people.
With like-minded people from “DecaDanza” promo group LetKolben launched his first joint project that became known under the name “Other Music”. The concept of the project was in disclosing to people the existence of other styles in electronic music; for sophisticated listeners it offered the possibility to enjoy the beauty and diversity of all these styles.
The project instantly gained popularity and support among both clubbers and just music lovers. Inspired and stimulated by this success LetKolben started to shift geographical boundaries in attempt to bring his music achievements to the judgment of music loves far beyond his native place.

Next significant event in which LetKolben participated was “In Touch” festival. He showed his potential and impressed all the music lovers by his charisma and the depth of his music. Being in a non-stop creative research, generating own style and sound LetKolben presented his second release “Musical allegory” / Diplomatik [Canada]. In contained also a single “Wohnung höhe” and a remix “Shadowmatter” track of a Dutch band “Transfolmer”.The aim was obvious – Germany, the cradle of Techno. On his way to mastering new infinite spaces LetKolben started his collaboration with a German dj-duet “quadrakey”. Under the influence of new experience and information acquired from the European friends he developed a new idea of a solo project. This time both concept and brand work were approached with German accuracy. The project was named “Kommunikation” and was a success as well. It covered the series of parties that have been recalled with warmth by all the participants.

Spreading his musical web further on, LetKolben got an offer of presenting his set on a German online radio station “Electrogrib Radio” – Nuremberg. He performed his two-hour set in the framework of a program “Electronic Warriors” and got high ratings both in Germany and abroad.
Next step was the legendary annual festival “KaZantip”. Three main dance floors opened their doors to him where he captured everyone with his minimal techno sounds. Having resounded on “KaZantip”, he appeared on another European festival – “Unsound”.
As one of the headliners of the festival he presented his new music trends along with numerous artists from Europe and beyond. On returning home he did not intend to rest on his oars and started to set new goals. After careful investigation of how the most prominent world artists developed and established themselves LetKolben defined a new direction for himself, a new focus for himself as an artist.
He got engrossed in the personal work in studio thoroughly studying the process of music creation and production. His first single “Erste palette” / Miniral Records Russia became the part of the release with the same name and was the result of this serious studio work. LetKolben continued his touring with interruptions for studio work, filling the hearts and ears of his fans with his music on various dance floors and festivals.

He also renewed the collaboration with a Geramn dj-duet “quadrakey” and produced an unforgettable compilation “Prozent extra” / Prozent Music [Germany which became the result of the mutual work.
The compilation contained eleven best tracks form the label Prozent Music Germany and momentarily attracted a lot of attention. It appeared on Berlin radio “Netzspannung” a week later and proved to be an absolute success. The more, the better. Without interrupting his studio work LetKolben prepared the next release.
This time it was a joint project with an Italian producer “MDM”. The fruit of their creative activity did not pass unnoticed and an original track “Cucaracha Blanca” together with a remix that became a part of Side Fx (Portugal) label release got approval from many music connoisseurs.
At the beginning of 2010 LetKolben was offered to present his exclusive compilation on the largest New York radio “Digitally Imported Radio Station” (DI.FM) in one of their programs “Mix Machine”. The offer was accepted. LetKolben thoroughly selected 18 craziest tracks that together made up a wild compilation. EP album release “In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno” on the label Darek Records (Switzerland) was his next breakthrough.
This album had received great feedback even before a release took place from respectable artists and producers all over the world, among them are Terry Francis, Misstress Barbara, Tony Rohr, Tim Xavier, Bloody Mary, Francesco Farfa, Noah Pred, Blake Baker, Signal Deluxe, Paul Loraine, Andrea Ferlin, Marquez ill and many others. Such an interest was evoked by the original set of artists included into the album.

Besides LetKolben, who presented three tracks: “In bianco e nero arcobaleno”, “Lay your hands on me again or history of the old accordion” and “Hallo, mein liebes fräulein”, there were Franco Bianco, Mike Wall and Steven Beyer who coloured the picture with their delightful remixes. Such massive support stimulated Darek Records (Switzerland) label managers to make a double release of the album. The first 12”/Vinyl release introduced to the world contained the reduced version of an album. Two weeks later digital version of an album was released with all six tracks on it.
And once again it was a success. His track LetKolben – In bianco e nero arcobaleno (mike wall rmx) appeared on the first place of 10 must hear tech house tracks week 22 chart after it appeared in the exclusive release rotation of the world’s largest music online shop beatport.com. This undoubtedly strengthened the positions of the album.
In spring 2010, after very fruitful work in studio LetKolben continued to move forward. Next destination point was “MEKHANIKA” festival in Yekaterinburg. LetKolben was to be a headliner together with a famous German Techno producer Marc DePulse on this largest festival in Ural. With his minimal sounds LetKolben managed to create a special soulful aura on the dance floor compared to the state of light euphoria. The feedback of the audience was emotional vibes of delight.
At the beginning of 2011 both life and creative work of LetKolben were marked by a prominent event – a personal label was released. It was born on the basis of the already existing but inactive project “Kommunikation” and inherited the same name and concept. After a complete rebranding four main directions of the label’s development and performance were defined. It is planned that releases of different format such as Compilation, Net, Digital and Vinyl will be introduced under the name of “Kommunikation Records” brand.

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